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The American Resurrection

The Deceptively Simple Question No One Asks (With Dire Consequences)

right and wrong

In the year 146 B.C., Rome destroyed the city of Carthage. Rome and Carthage had been at odds for a long time over supremacy of the Mediterranean. When Roman troops breached the walls of Carthage for the final time, they acted as any ancient army would: They killed the men, raped the women, sold the […]

What Is The “Alt-Right,” And What Does It Say About American Politics?

Alt Right

“The rise of the Alt-Right forces us to ask some poignant questions, if for no other reason than self-discovery.” Several years ago, I was flying home on a long flight with some friends, when I fired up the second Twilight movie to pass the time. About halfway through, I took my headphones off, and with […]

What Getting Shellacked About Racism Taught Me About Politics

new perspectives on politics and racism

The day after the election, I wrote a small post about the results. It was simple. I didn’t think too much of it. The next morning my blog had crashed because it couldn’t handle the traffic. As of today, it has nearly 450 comments. If you haven’t seen that article, I encourage you to check […]

The Road to Healing: How to Recover from One Hell of an Election


It’s been a few weeks since Election 2016, but most people are still reeling from the results. For many, it still isn’t any easier to accept them. It still hurts. It still feels like half the country hates them. And people feel deeply betrayed. How can we ever recover from this? Is it even possible? Yes, […]