Sean Edwards

The American Resurrection


EOD CoverThe End of Days: The Shocking Truth About The Times In Which We Live is an in-depth look at Christian Eschatology.

The main objective of the book is to convince you that the Bible does not predict an Antichrist, Tribulation, or Rapture.

Instead, it predicts an ever increasing Kingdom that redeems the world.

It will challenge some of your most cherished beliefs about the End Times.

If you want to see what is truly in-store for the Church, you don’t want to miss this book.

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Gay Marriage CoverWould Jesus support a ban on gay marriage? If He were here, would he join with the evangelicals in their culture war?

I do not think He would.

This book avoids a theological discussion about homosexuality itself and instead challenges Christians today to look at our role in the world. Are we supposed to be forcing our views of morality onto those around us? Or loving people like Jesus did?

If you’ve felt that there was something wrong with the culture war, then you need to read this short, powerful book.

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Drug WarDrugs are bad. They destroy lives. But our drug laws are worse. They have led to hundreds of thousands of deaths. And they have done nothing to curb drug use.

This short work argues that our drug laws have done the exact opposite of their intention. And if forces the reader to reevaluate the church’s position on the drug war.

If you want to see real change in society, this is a must read.

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