Sean Edwards

The American Resurrection

The Reason We Fight

In my previous post Who Are You After The War, I asked the question: Who are you after the war? Many times we can confuse our identity as a person (the reason we are alive) with the mission we have been given by God. For example, some are called to be evangelists and they build […]

Who Are You After The War?

In the summer of 2008, my best friend and I packed my car to the brim and moved to Redding, CA. We had just graduated from university and were on our way to the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry. We had heard tales of miracles and a tangible presence of God unlike any other place, […]

How ISIS Proves The World Is Getting Better

For the past several months ISIS has flooded the world with images of grotesque brutality. We have seen journalists and aid workers beheaded on camera. We have seen Christians and other non-muslims beheaded for not converting to Islam. Including Children. We have heard reports of young girls being sold into sex slavery. In all, the […]

Obesity, Condemnation, and The Image of God

There is a disease destroying this nation. It should be called a pandemic. It kills more people that cancer every year. It hides in the open. It can be stopped. But no one talks about it. That disease is denial. Obesity and obesity related diseases are a plague on society. But they are not the […]