Sean Edwards

The American Resurrection

The Key To A Libertarian Revolution

The United States was founded on libertarian ideas. But it no longer operates by them.

As people who understand the power and need of true freedom, it is our responsibility to restore these forgotten principles to our nation.

It is our heritage. It can be done.

But we need to change our strategy.

Our culture isn’t ready for a libertarian President, Congress, or Supreme Court. Liberal and conservative ideologies permeate our culture’s view of politics.

Before we can expect to see real policy changes in our government, the People need to be reminded of who they really are.

But there is a serious problem standing in our way.

It isn’t Bernie Sanders… It isn’t Donald Trump… It isn’t Ben Carson… And it isn’t Hillary Clinton.

They are merely a reflection of the culture.

The problem rests solely with us.

I’m not talking about the People in general. I’m talking about libertarians… I’m talking about Ron and Rand Paul supporters…

I’m talking about us.

This Is The Reason We Can’t Win…

The problem is how we are communicating our ideas to the culture. We curse and scorn those that think different than us.

We vilify anyone who wears the name “democrat” or “republican.” We call them idiots. We call them thieves. We call them liars.

And we expect them to change because of it…

Furthermore, when we do that, we offend everyone who supports with them.

When we say Bernie Sanders is a thief and charlatan, everyone who resonates with his ideas feels the sting. They too are being called thieves and charlatans.

That does not open people to hearing what we have to say. It pushes them further away.

Even if we pose a logical argument for better policies, they won’t listen.

Instead, they will feel the need to defend themselves, and thus their candidate as well, in order to preserve a sense of value.

It doesn’t matter that our philosophy and ideas are right. People won’t listen. This isn’t an issue of who has the best argument. This is an issue pragmatics.

If we want people to listen to our ideas, we can’t start conversation by throwing feces at them.

If we want people to listen to our ideas, we can’t start conversation by throwing feces at them.

When we slander politicians and candidates, their supporters hear: “You are an idiot for supporting that liar.”

That gets us nowhere. In fact, it hurts our cause.

The Cancer That Dooms Our Cause

This strategy stems from an assumption that has–and will continue to–torpedo our mission. It is the assumption that politicians are inherently liars and thieves that can’t be trusted.

Anyone who doesn’t agree with us must either be stupid, or evil. That’s it. But here’s the truth: 99% of them are just trying to do what they think is right.

Their methods may be flawed, but VERY FEW people make evil their agenda.

President Obama does not wake up in the morning, gather his cabinet, and have meetings on how they can “destroy America.” Bernie Sanders isn’t part of a conspiracy to overthrow the Constitution. Chris Christie isn’t attempting to establish religious tyranny.

Republicans do not have planning sessions on how they can “wage war on women.”

Every group is trying to do what they think is best for our country. They may be wrong. And their philosophy of politics and life may not be well thought out. But they are not evil.

And neither are their supporters.

It is true that some people wish to sacrifice others for their own gain.

And we need to be vigilant against that. But how many people do you know that consciously pursue malice against others? I’m guessing very few.

So why do we assume that all politicians are liars and thieves? That is a form of bigotry. We are judging an entire group of people by the actions of a few.

We Can Win, Here’s How…

This is the crux of the matter: If we want to affect our culture in a positive way, we have to change the way we talk to it.

We cannot cast caustic and acidic remarks around flippantly. That only pushes people away and turns them off to our message.

When asked about his political success, Benjamin Franklin said it came down to one thing: “I will speak ill of no man… and the all the good I know of everybody.” He knew that people would not listen to him if he attack and openly judged them.

“I will speak ill of no man… and the all the good I know of everybody.” – Benjamin Franklin

This goes deeper than our words, it goes to our base assumptions about life and people. These derisive words come from the heart. We need to change the way we look at people and their motives.

We must assume that all people–including their motives–are innocent until proven guilty.

I must assume that Bernie Sanders and Ben Carson have good intentions until proof is provided otherwise. I must believe their supporters want the best thing for this nation even if their thinking is flawed.

It means that when I talk to a liberal or a conservative, I must genuinely value the REASON behind their flawed positions. I must recognize that they want good things for our country. I need to see and affirm that they want to make our world a better place.

They just don’t realize their philosophy (or theology) is flawed.

But we can support and celebrate their desire for good in the world. It is only then, when people don’t feel judged and under attack, that we can offer an alternative view to achieving the same thing.

We all have the same goals.

  • We all want everyone to have the best healthcare as possible.
  • We all want people to have access to great education.
  • We all want people to be treated equally.
  • We all want the government to be held accountable.
  • We all want everyone to prosper.
  • We just differ in how we want to achieve those ends.

So instead of cursing those that disagree with us, we need to come along side them and show them a better way.

That is the only way we are going to accomplish our mission.

We need to give up our militant ways and recognize that our strategy has hurt our cause.

Instead of opening people up to knew ideas, our scathing words have pushed them further away from true liberty and prosperity.

This is the only road forward. There is no other option.

So I am asking all my fellow libertarian and libertarian-leaning brothers and sisters to adopt a new posture in our campaign to restore freedom.

We a need new strategy. Our old one has failed.

Thank you for reading.

I would love to hear your comments.

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Sean Edwards is an author and a communication strategist. He graduated from the Western Washington University with a bachelor’s degree in history. Sean has a passion for discussing philosophy and American politics.

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  1. Most libertarians do not want to hear or read what I have to say. The spokesmen for the libertarians are almost always younger, white men who appear to be well off. Seldom do you see a female spokesperson, single mom, an older person male or female or a Hispanic, who in my opinion would benefit the most from a libertarian message. Many libertarian spokespeople are on the bully pulpit saying seniors, there are too many of you, give up Social Security because “we can’t afford it”; yet these are the same people who were destroyed in 2008 and have zero years left to do the libertarian thing. Instead, we are villified for smoking pot and populating government with hippie attitudes of progressivism. Instead, get the facts straight – hippiedom is all about personal freedom to live off the grid, if that is what they so choose.

    Yes, I agree that Social Security is a budget buster, and that it is a ponzi scheme. Instead of saying there are too many of us, how about advocating a policy that those who contributed to the system get what’s theirs as in cash (taxed if the government so wishes) in exchange for being removed from the list of beneficiaries. In other words, no payments forever. Some people will get enough to fund some good investments, others will not. Those who won’t can be given the option of remaining on the government dole. Me, I would opt for the lump sum.