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The Importance of This Election: Ideas or People?

whole-in-cloudsAs many of you may have noticed, I have not posted in a while. It is not because I don’t care, or because I don’t have anything to say.

It is because I have been mourning.

This election has polarized our great nation more than any other in living history.

People are losing faith in government faster than ever before.

Friendships are ending.

Relationships are being strained.

And everyone is spewing hate at the other side.

Many Trump supporters hate Hillary and all her supporters. And many Hillary supporters hate Trump and all his supporters.

I don’t talk about my faith a lot on this page because it isn’t important to the main issues at hand, but this time it does.

Many years ago I felt led to mentally “marry” this country. Through college, I thought I would move abroad and do work helping the less fortunate.

But a growing love for my country caused me to devote myself to her as a husband devotes himself to his wife.

Through thick and thin, sickness and in health, and death do us part, I felt like God asked me to love this.

Through that process I have grown a love for America–and her founding principles–that have left me heartbroken over this election.

I want this country to be whole, united, safe, and free. I want us to be a family that can disagree on many issues, but we still love each other and we enjoy each other’s company.

The Fight For Our Nation’s Soul

We all want the same thing: security, prosperity, and freedom. We just disagree on how to get there.

This is a great country, based on beautiful ideas, with a massive destiny.

It is filled with great people from every corner of the globe.

This is a country where the weak can become strong.

This is a country where the hopeless can find hope.

This is a country where the poor can become rich.

This is a country where the homeless–through work and determination–can end up living in a mansion.

We are not a great country because we have a democratic president.

We are not a great country because we have a republican president.

We are not a great country because we voted liberal.

We are not a great country because we voted conservative.

We are a great country because we are founded on one idea: Every person is utterly equal to everyone else in every way.

Division and debate have been a part of our political DNA since the beginning.

Arguing over different ideas is crucial to a successful government.

But personally attacking people and their supporters is not. That is how a family falls apart.

This election is very important… but not because of who we elect. This election is important because it is drawing the worst out in everyone, and we have to choose between our ideas, or people.

This election is important because it is exposing our hearts towards our neighbors.

This election is important because it is exposing our hearts towards our neighbors.

This is election is important because we are fighting for the very soul of our country (no matter who wins in November).

How we respond to conflict tells us who we are. Conflict reveals our true values, who/what we’re willing to side with, and what we’re willing to give up.

What do we want more? To be right, but in a country where neighbor hates neighbor? I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to live that country.

Or, do you want to be united, but you have to compromise on some of your ideals?

Do we want to be right, and rip apart this country? Or do we want to choose unity over war? Do we really want our political positions–ideas–to destroy relationships?

We have to decide if we want to choose our candidate–someone we’ve never met–over our brothers and sisters.

We have to decide if we want to choose our candidate–someone we’ve never met–over our brothers and sisters.

To combat this, I am going to give you 3 reasons why both candidates are great candidates. You may find this offensive. Thats kind of the point.

It is easy to see whats wrong with people. It is much harder to see what is right with them.

Despite however much we may dislike a person, there are always strengths in them.

3 Reasons Hillary is Amazing

  1. She has fought for children and their future her entire life. She believes in the power of family and will work effortlessly to improve the conditions of our education system.
  1. Hillary has an established history working with foreign leaders. She has rapport and will be able to work with our allies in a way that will strengthen our relationships overseas. At the same time, she has the strength and resolve to use military force when necessary.
  1. She cares deeply about the disenfranchised and wishes to make it easier for poor to climb out of poverty. The entire country prospers when the poor become wealthy.

3 Reasons Trump Is A Great Candidate

  1. Trump has a strong understanding of how trade relationships impact our country. So often people who don’t have to suffer the consequences of their decisions make laws that effect so many others. Trump knows how these laws effect businesses and trade agreements. His businesses have dealt with them for decades. He knows what works and what hurts our economy.
  1. Trump knows how to build a team of experts. He personally may not know all the facts, but being successful in business requires that you learn to delegate. He’s learned to build powerhouse teams (and how to adjust quickly when they don’t work out) that he can lean on for their expertise and insight. Freeing him to do what he does best: lead.
  1. He has a unique perspective on business and government. As a billionaire, he knows the elite. He knows how the political game works. He’s played it. That doesn’t immediately seem like a selling point, but it is… He doesn’t hide it; in fact, he uses it to illustrate he knows how to fix the holes in our government. And since he’s already so wealthy, he won’t be as tempted to perform political favors. Which means his decisions are more likely to be principle based.

Both candidates have their strengths.

And their supporters believe they are doing what’s best for the country by supporting them.

Let’s lay aside our hostility and divisive rhetoric.

Let’s attack and rip part ideas and arguments, not people and their character.

Let’s choose to believe the best in people–even if they support “the other” candidate.

Most Americans aren’t racists.

Most Americans don’t want to turn the country into the United Socialist States of America.

Democrats don’t want to destroy the constitution.

Republicans don’t want to hate black people.

Are some people racist? Yes. Do some people want to turn the US into a socialist dream? Yes. Do some democrats want to undo the Constitution? Yes.

But these are not the majority. The majority just want to do the right thing. The majority want to be safe, prosperous, and free.

My fellow Americans, lets bend our spears into plow hooks and lay down our arms against each other. Lets end the war on our neighbors. Lets debate the issues, not each other.

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2 Replies

  1. Eileen

    This post is fine as far as it goes. Although it is easy to belittle Wikileaks as anti-Hillary, Julian Assange does not like Trump, so he is far more unbiased than investigative journalists for either candidate. But to ignore the Wikileaks revelations doesn’t do justice to either campaign. Only 10% of the Clinton Foundation donations go to their causes, while 90% go to the Clintons. So, while 10% of billions is still hundreds of millions, one has to wonder why she is skimming so much off the top. Your second point – she has negotiated but not for the good of the US. As an example, she and Putin came up with a deal that gave 20% of the US uranium reserves to Russia, enriching her brother. So if you want to count this as experience, so be it; just be intellectually honest and admit that it wasn’t for the good of the country. For the last, I wish to see proof. The Democrats certainly have not helped African Americans climb out of poverty and black ministers would be the first to admit that welfare policies started by Johnson is what breaks apart black families. True, Clinton is not Johnson, but I don’t believe she will change that if she were President, and you must be willing to do that if you want to change the fortunes of African Americans trapped in poverty.

    Regarding Trump, understanding things like NAFTA and how they ruined the country is nice; but he has to be a little more specific on what he intends to do about it. My gut feel is that the Senate, who confirms all treaties negotiated by the US will not favor the dismantling of NAFTA, because they got rich off of it – and that is my point. He is hated by both parties, once he reaches Washington, D.C and I don’t think that’s gonna change any time soon. Something tells me he can get more out of a Democratic Congress than he can in a Congress controlled by his own party.